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Empower RF – High-Power RF Amplifiers

Empower designs and manufactures antenna systems that lead several satellite communication markets. Worldwide installations include over 100 gateway systems for the most advanced satellite communication networks in the world.

Featured Products

Pulsed Amplifiers

Pulsed Amplifiers

Utilizing GaN on SiC and LDMOS, Empower RF is among the first to successfully employ these device technologies into multi-kilowatt pulse RF and microwave amplifier systems. 

With design and manufacturing in Southern California, Empower RF has a proven track record delivering reliable RF and microwave high power pulsed solid state amplifiers for Radar and related research, EW, threat simulators, DO-160 Section 20, Mil-Std 464, automotive, semiconductor device characterization and multipaction testing.

RF Amplifiers up to 6000 MHz
Broadband Amplifiers Modules with Stop Frequencies up to 6000 MHzSystems
PBroadband Amplifiers Systems with Stop Frequencies up to 6000 MHz

Includes RF and microwave amplifiers covering the band from 500Mhz to 6000Mhz in a single module with either GaN or GaAs devices. Custom and standard power amplifiers available with high linearity, low noise figure, and very low error vector magnitude (EVM). Our rack systems and select modules include Automatic Gain Control (AGC), Automatic Level Control (ALC), and peak/pulse/average detection useful in OTA, MIMO, and CTIA testing.

RF Amplifiers up to 500 MHz
RF Amplifier Modules with Stop Frequencies up to 500 MHz
RF Amplifier Systems with Stop Frequencies up to 500 MHz

Narrow and Broad band RF modules and rack mount amplifier systems using solid state devices including LDMOS and GaAsFET in Class A and Class A/B topologies for AM, FM, VHF, and UHF bands with output power ranging from 0dbm to 60dbm (1 Kilowatt) and higher! Custom modules also available.

RF Amplifiers up to 2500 MHz
Microwave Amplifier Modules with Stop Frequencies up to 2500 MHz
Microwave Amplifier Systems with Stop Frequencies up to 2500 MHz

L and S Band 1,2,4, and 8 Kilowatt rack mount solid state microwave amplifiers ideal for CW and pulse TWT amplifier replacement utilizing GaN technology and rivals the TWT amplifier in size and weight. Also available is our broad line of high power modules including 25, 50, and 100 watt pallets for integrating into your own power amplifier design.

RF Amplifiers up to 1000 MHz
Modules Power Amplifier Modules with Stop Frequencies up to 1000 MHz
ower Amplifier Systems with Stop Frequencies up to 1000 MHz

Narrow and Broad band high power RF modules and rack mount amplifier systems using solid state devices including LDMOS and GaAs in Class A and Class A/B topologies for Pulse, AM, FM, continuous wave and digital modulation applications that include EW, Radar, Jamming, EMI and EMC radiated immunity, and wireless communications testing.

Application Highlights

Next Generation RF Amplifier Systems

Highest power density with patented new hardware and software architecture that is unrivaled

A unique design architecture from Empower RF Systems is yielding unprecedented size and weight reduction for 500W, 1 kW, and multi-kW power amplifier platforms. 

These breakthrough designs have been fielded using both LDMOS and GaN devices for user applications below.

Power Amplifier Solutions for Electronic Attack

Force Protection And Threat Simulators – Manpack, Vehicle, Fixed Site

Our remarkable hardware and software architecture is advanced beyond any other amplifier supplier and offers break through capabilities not seen before in EW systems. Amoung these capabilities are Multi-domain operations where a single unit is capable of operating in Multi-Domain scenarios as a jamming, communications and radar transmitter at optimal performance with any type of modulation.

Military Amplifiers

Power Amplifier Solutions for Tactical Radio & Communications


Military, Government agency, Tactical radios, Networks

Empower is a major leader in providing leading edge, “Best in Class” power amplifiers for command and control communications for the warfighter, civilian and homeland network applications. These multi-band, multi-mission, highly integrated amplifiers are designed for software-defined radios in manpack, vehicular and fixed site configurations.

Communications Products

Power Amplifier Solutions for Radar

Ground based, Shipboard and Airborne (Including UAV)

We offer a wide variety of power amplifiers as stand alone or high power tube drivers up to several kilowatts. Radar applications include HF for over-the-horizon (OTH), VHF for very long range and ground generation and UHF for very long range (e.g. ballistic missile early warning) and foliage penetration (SAR). Empower has also provided amplifiers in L-band for long range air traffic control and surveillance (IFF) as well as S-band for moderate range surveillance and long range weather.

Radar Products

Power Amplifier Solutions for Test and Measurement

Power Amplifiers for Radiated Immunity: EMI, EMC – Scientific

EMC compliance labs are choosing Empower RF for its technology advancements that have leapfrogged the old establishment while offering refreshing and long overdue performance and feature set enhancements. We provide best in class RF and Microwave amplifiers that go beyond 200V/m CW and 600V/m pulsed for todays demanding Radiated Susceptibility testing requirements.

Power Amplifiers for Radiated Immunity


New Multi-Mode 200W, 1900 to 6000Mhz SSPA

Multi-Mode Solid State Power Amplifier

Designed for optimized performance over a multitude of applications, the 2215 is a Multi-Mode power amplifier with built in modes for a variety of input modulations and application scenarios. Empower’s flexible and programmable input and output detection scheme makes Multi-Mode operation possible and has the added advantage of future-proofing the amplifier…

Pulsed L Band Multi KW Scalable Amplifier

Pulsed L Band Multi KW Scalable Amplifier

New Scalable Pulsed L Band Amplifier with an expandable system hardware architecture designed to save you money- “you buy only the power you need today” and add power amplifier blocks later when your test or application requires more output power. In addition to scalability, this amplifier offers an inherently rugged design and is based on our patented architecture.

HF Communications & Jamming Transmitter

The 2203 is capable of operating in Multi-Domain scenarios as a jamming and/or communications transmitter at optimal performance with any type of modulation (AM, FM, Multi-tone, Pulse, PSK, FSk and Complex Digital Modulation).

Company Overview

Founded in 1999, Empower RF Systems is a global leader in power amplifier solutions that are critical to defense, commercial, and industrial market applications. 

With our origins in the design of broadband and band-specific solid state power amplifiers, Empower continues to advance the science of RF power amplification to produce rugged, power efficient, and cost-effective solutions. It is our priority to design and deliver high quality, innovative products which address customer systems and business requirements.

Operating globally and continuing to expand our technology resources, Empower RF has been awarded patents on amplifier design techniques and assembly methods. Our customer base includes market leading OEMs, government agencies, and academic institutions with an array of demanding performance requirements.

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Specializing in high-reliability applications, Felecia stands out for her proficiency in relationship-building and innovative problem-solving. Whether contributing to medical devices or playing a vital role in rocket launches, her work has had a tangible impact on saving lives and safeguarding the nation.

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Taylor worked as a Field Sales Engineer supporting the Texas, Utah and New Mexico territory, Product Manager, as well as Director or Business Development where he managed a team of 10 Field Sales Professionals across the entire United States.  Gathering from his previous experiences, Taylor has now taken on the role of Field Sales Engineer with Vic Myers supporting the Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas territory.  Outside of the office you will usually find Taylor either spending time with his wife and two young children, or out on the lake bass fishing.


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