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Ampex Data Systems, a Silicon Valley company, has specialized in systems for acquiring, storing, analyzing, and securing various data types with cost-effective solutions since 1944. This in-depth understanding of how to manage nearly any data type began over 75 years ago in the Hollywood recording industry (12 Emmys, an Oscar, and a Grammy) and laid the groundwork for an unmatched ability for Ampex to provide data management solutions tailored to your type of data.

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Featured Products

Where every pulse, signal, and sensor detail matters.

Introducing the MiniRv2 Solid State Recorder – a compact and powerful solution offering increased throughput, expanded storage, and flexible user configuration. With backwards compatibility and versatile I/O options, it captures traditional flight test data, telemetry, electronic warfare signals, and more. Its lower-cost solid-state mRMM and future-ready design ensure optimal performance and seamless adaptability. Upgrade your recording capabilities with the MiniRv2.

  • IRIG 106 Chapter 10 File Format
  • Outputs Chapter 10/11 Data as a Chapter 7 serial PCM stream
  • Totally Flexible & Modular I/O
  • Sustained Data Rates to 1,000 Mb/sec
  • From 64GB up to 1TB+ of Removable Storage

Low Cost Mission System Recording & Storage Solutions

Unmanned systems often require low-cost, attritable sub-systems commensurate with the role the platform plays in terms of mission operations and affordability.

Ampex TuffCORD Video Data Recorder

The TuffCORD is purpose built for mission data recording to include giving customers the ability to record both compressed and uncompressed video in a single, rugged, network file server. Uncompressed HD-SDI video has become increasingly more desired for precision video analysis and real-time decision-making. With an HD-SDI interface and a market leading Delta Digital Video encoder (H.264 / H.265), the TuffCORD gives users the benefits of both uncompressed video (best quality for analysis) and compressed video

Ampex TuffCORD Mission Data Recorder

Built for tough environments, the TuffCORD is designed with the flexibility to meet a wide variety of operational needs. It can record all video types, be a network file server, a mission or flight test data recorder, and a mission data loader.

Ampex Common Architecture Recorder (CAR)

The Common Architecture Recorder (CAR) helps customers shift data acquisition and recording systems from a capital expense to an operating cost. CAR is scalable with the flexibility to add almost everything you might want, but not stuffed with the costly things you don’t need.

High Speed, High Capacity Data Management & Storage

The amount of onboard data that platforms collect, process, or store continues to increase. Ampex’s top-of-the-line data systems give you computing power at the speed of operations with the storage capacities you need for the most demanding missions.

TuffServ Recorder Server X

The TRS-X was developed under a SBIR for an urgent need within the Intelligence Community of being able to collect large volumes of sensor network data over multiple channels, each at 100Gb/s.

TuffServ 640 Recorder Server

The TuffServ® 640 Recorder / Server (TS 640) delivers one gigabyte of usable payload every second, for hours on end. Designed with a scalable architecture, the recorder / reproducer supports a range of applications, from vehicle and weapons testing to intelligence gathering.

TuffServ 540 Recorder Server

Designed with a scalable architecture consistent with the AMPEX Common Compute Environment™, the TuffServ540 recorder / reproducer supports a wide range of applications. With its compact size, low weight, and I/O options, it can be used wherever it is needed.

TuffServ 480 Network Server

The TuffServ® 480v2 airborne server is a rugged, general purpose computing platform packaged for airborne and mobile applications. It functions as a ruggedized computer, a file server, or as a recorder. It can also be configured as a network-attached block-storage device using the iSCSI protocol.

Addition Products Section

TuffServ Rackmount Solutions bring Ampex’s unrivaled experience with rugged, conduction-cooled airborne systems to the rackmount system sector. TRS address key issues encountered when attempting to take products designed for data center use into aerospace or rugged ground environments: cooling, removable storage, and management of internal cables in high-vibration environments.

TuffServ 481 GroundFile Rack

To complement the rugged members of the TuffServ 480 family, Ampex offers the TS 481 Ground System. Intended for use in data center environments, the TS 481 system marries an industry-standard server with a receiver port for the Removable Storage Arrays used throughout the family.

TuffServ 641 Mission Download Station

TuffServ 641 is an integrated Linux-based system tailored for high-speed downloading of data from the Removable storage/Array (RSA) Memory Module from the TS 640 Rugged airborne NAS Server Recorder. The TS641 contains no local data storage but transfers data from the RSA Module out thru the 40GigE interface connector located on the backside of the chassis. A user software GUI is supplied with the system for easy command and control for download of the RSA data.

TuffServ 485 Rugged Ground System

When you need a system to be rugged enough to deploy all over the world, and operate from, the Ampex TuffServ 485 fits the bill. Using the same circuit board set as used the back of a support vehicle by the TS 480 system, this rack mounted unit delivers behavior identical to its conduction-cooled siblings, but with the convenience of convection cooling and standard power supplies.

TuffServ 350 Ethernet Data Recorder

The TRS350 Ethernet Data Recorder is a high data rate, large capacity streaming network recording system. The TRS350 utilizes mature and field-proven recording technology from Ampex Data Systems to deliver consistent, reliable recording and playback of streaming IP telemetry data. The TRS350 is a software defined recorder that has been designed for Telemetry over IP (TMoIP), Voice over IP (VoIP) and Video over IP streaming data recording and reproduction applications.

Company Overview

Ampex Data Systems Corporation (ADSC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta Information Systems. Inc and is headquartered in Hayward, California with a laboratory in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and a subsidiary in Japan, Ampex Japan, Ltd. Our products are also offered in other major overseas markets through distributors.

Ampex is an industry leader in high-capacity, high-performance data storage systems capable of functioning in demanding environments on land, at sea, or in the air. ADSC products are principally used in applications to acquire, process, and store intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, electronic warfare, mission system, and flight test data related to aerospace and maritime vehicles and their associated ground stations.

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Taylor is a Texas native, and grew up in the small town of Boerne, Texas.  He attended Texas A&M University, where earned his bachelor’s degree in Engineering.  After college he was recruited by a Manufacturer’s Rep Firm, where he spent the first 7 years of his career. Initially hired on as an inside salesperson, Taylor quickly accelerated within the organization and expanded into various other roles such as Distribution Manager, and Field Sales Engineer.  Taylor then spent the following 7 years working for an electronic component distributor named Electro Enterprises that almost exclusively supported the mil/aero market.

Taylor worked as a Field Sales Engineer supporting the Texas, Utah and New Mexico territory, Product Manager, as well as Director or Business Development where he managed a team of 10 Field Sales Professionals across the entire United States.  Gathering from his previous experiences, Taylor has now taken on the role of Field Sales Engineer with Vic Myers supporting the Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas territory.  Outside of the office you will usually find Taylor either spending time with his wife and two young children, or out on the lake bass fishing.


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Felecia Stivers, a native of Rockford, IL, now excels as a Field Sales Engineer at VMA in our Arizona office. Holding a BSEE from Arizona State University, she draws from her extensive background at Medtronic, Orbital Sciences, General Dynamics, and Northrop Grumman.

Specializing in high-reliability applications, Felecia stands out for her proficiency in relationship-building and innovative problem-solving. Whether contributing to medical devices or playing a vital role in rocket launches, her work has had a tangible impact on saving lives and safeguarding the nation.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Felecia enjoys time with her two teenagers, finds joy in travel, and actively engages with her local church. Driven by a passion for helping customers navigate cutting-edge technology, she is committed to delivering dependable solutions in fast-changing environments.


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Karen has been a part of Vic Myers Associates team since February 2023. Prior to her position as People and Culture Specialist, she worked in the Science & Technology field as an HR Manager & Project Lead for SAIC and LANL. In the short time with VMA she has learned a lot and looks forward to knowing our business even better in support of all of our employees. She values her church community, her two sons who happen to be engineers, volunteering, and golf. Karen is located in our Albuquerque, NM office.

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Natalie Myers joined Vic Myers Associates in September 2021 and is excited to be part of the team. She received her bachelor’s in business administration from the University of Phoenix and prior to her position as Inside Sales Administration she worked in the Hospitality Industry for over 15 years as a Senior Sales Administrator. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter, family and friends along with watching sporting events, traveling, hiking and cheering on her daughter in dance and basketball! Natalie is located in our Arizona office.


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