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Parraid is wholly devoted to design, engineering, sales, and support of telemetry data systems and tactically oriented mission-critical communications solutions. Parraid has extensive and in-depth experience in developing a range of product lines and integrated systems that meet the critical needs and demands of highly advanced aerospace industry programs, first responder and tactical-edge communications and readiness in force requirements (land, air, sea), as well as a commercial line of smart tools for IT professionals that enhance existing computer resources and simplify network testing and monitoring

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The Parraid Telemetry and Data Systems (TDS) division provides world-class aerospace system solutions for telemetry receiving, processing, recording, archiving, and data mining for Government and industry clients on six continents. TDS developed the first PC-based telemetry data processor more than 25 years ago. Since then, the TDS offering has grown to include the most feature-rich ground-based data processing and recording systems in the world for use in all data processing applications. 

Series-5000 Real-Time Systems

Based on COTS Open Architecture, the Triple Bus Design Delivers Unprecedented Speed, Configurability, and Precision

  • Native Chapter 10
  • Up to 16Gbps Data Bus
  • Native multi-threaded 64-bit OS Support
  • Up to 60 Mbps/Channel Decom with A/B/G IRIG Time
  • Server and Stand-Alone Configurations
  • Extensive Native and Custom Parameter Processing
  • Native and Custom Network Client Support
  • Comprehensive API Interfaces
  • Leading-Edge Multi-Core CPUs
  • Portable and Rack-Mount
  • Two to Many-stream Systems with Optional Receivers and/or Bit Syncs
  • Raw and processed data storage, removable SSD media 

Parraid specializes in custom product solutions for mission-critical requirements. Rapidly deployed, integrated, cost-effective, and requirements-driven; our custom product solutions have solved challenges for some of the most critical requirements worldwide.

Real-Time Telemetry Systems and Software

  • Complete telemetry ground stations and networks
  • High-performance portable and easy-transport multi-stream processing platforms
  • Hand-carry Data Brick™ battery-powered telemetry systems
  • Best source/data selectors

High-Speed Recorders and Reproducers
  • IRIG-106 Chapter 10 format
  • PCM, Analog, Video, MIL-STD-1553, ARINC-429, and others
  • Integrated real-time processing, best data engine, and receivers
  • Remote control operation

Telemetry Receivers, Combiners & Demodulators 
  • Multi-band: S, L, P, and C-bands
  • ARTM Tiers 0, 1, and 2
  • Rack-mount, Receiver Brick™, card-level
  • Remote control operation

OMEGA Data Environment (ODE)
  • Secure Mining and Exploitation of Large Data Sets
  • Correlate and Compare Data Sets
  • Data Type and Format Agnostic
  • TDM & Message Data Capabilities
  • Merge Data From Multiple Input File Sources
  • Create Data Products
  • Quickly and Easily Search Petabytes of Data
  • Organize Data for Ease of Access
Telemetry Over IP

The G3 Telemetry-over-IP (TMoIP) Recorder-Processing system represents the next generation of telemetry data recording and processing platforms. It supports over 24 input channels, including 20 PCM streams received as IRIG standard TMoIP Ethernet input(s). G3 includes extreme real-time processing capability with the integrated NExT Best Data Engine (BDE) and NExT raw data distribution and parameter processing capabilities. G3 provides both 1G and 10G Ethernet ports and includes TPM 2.0. 

  • 2U 19” High-end Processing Platform 
  • Local, RAID, NAS, or SAN storage 
  • Signal I/O for PCM, Video, UART, 1553, ARINC, Ethernet, TMoIP and others 
  • NExT Professional Data Processing with BDE and TMoIP Input Support 


  • 3.0 GHz 12-core / 24-thread, 128GB RAM – standard Configuration 
  • Up to 10TB data storage: 8TB RAID5 – standard configuration 
  • Multiple-instantiation BDE – real-time TMoIP input 
  • 10G Ethernet – standard configuration 


  • Simultaneous Local and Remote Data storage – raw and processed data 
  • Real-time Strip-n-Ship serial PCM and Ethernet data throughput 
  • IRIG Chapter 10/11 and User-programmable Ethernet output  
  • Most Complex Real-time Data Packet, PCM Frame, and Bus Processing 
  • Stand-alone Platform or Fully-Networked Server/Client 
  • Optional Data Mining 


  • Dual, Redundant, Hot-plug Power Supply – standard configuration 
  • Front Panel Removable Hot Swap Hard Drives – standard configuration 
  • Trusted Platform Module 2.0 

Information is generated in many forms, which can include audio (voice), video, and various types of digital data. In its raw form these various types of information are incompatible and difficult to transport and share. To be networked, information must be in the correct form – that is Internet Protocol (IP). IP information can be easily transferred, switched, and used by applications. The main benefits of using networked IP information are; sharing of assets from any remote location, and having information in a standard format making application development easier. These benefits can result in huge cost-savings and allow operational and mission achievements that were not possible before.

Everything Over IP

Parraid bridges data sources to networks using its Network Radio Gateway (NRG) and CloudNode products. These devices implement hardware and software to turn any available data sources into network-ready information. This can be termed Everything over IP (EoIP). Examples include; Voice over IP (VoIP) where a voice source, such as a tactical radio is digitized, processed, packetized, and routed into a network. Learn more about our leading-edge EoIP technology and product solutions that can generate networked information for any source of critical data communications to assure your mission success.

  • 2U 19” High-end Processing Platform 
  • Local, RAID, NAS, or SAN storage 
  • Signal I/O for PCM, Video, UART, 1553, ARINC, Ethernet, TMoIP and others 
  • NExT Professional Data Processing with BDE and TMoIP Input Support 
Iridium Solutions (Vector Iridium Data Link)

VIDL is portable command and control system that provides an Iridium satellite data link for voice and data communications for users in their network.  
The VIDL operates as Push to Talk (PPT) with a handset like common tactical radios and allows users to maintain situation awareness through text messaging, map icons and event reporting with the intuitive on-screen operations management application.
VIDL is an affordable and simple to use solution with a very accessible satellite link for voice and data communications and is suitable for Public Safety, Emergency First Responders or any organization requiring no fail real time situational awareness.

  • vidl True Global Communications with Iridium Push-to-Talk Satellite Network
  • Deploys Quickly without complex System Architecture
  • Coverage Independent of Ground Infrastructure
    Integrated GPS Positioning
  • Data Link for Voice, Text and Reporting
    Rugged Lightweight Design
  • Easily Integrates with Existing Command-Control Software
  • Unlimited Number of Users Worldwide

Company Overview

A small products-oriented business, Parraid is wholly devoted to design, engineering, sales, and support of telemetry data systems and tactically oriented mission-critical communications solutions. Rooted in 25+ years of experience, we are proudly headquartered in Hollywood, MD, with a great team, great products, and great clients.


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Sales Administration

Tarin was born and raised in Wisconsin, graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stout and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. Prior to Vic Myers she worked in the hospitality industry 20+ years as a Sales Analyst/Administrator.

In her spare time, Tarin enjoys spending time with her family, traveling to historical sites throughout the United States, reading, going to movies and concerts. On the weekends you will find Tarin at her nephews’ band concerts and baseball games. In addition, music and dance have been a part of her life with musical contrasting influences ranging from Prince to Olivia Newton-John.  Tarin is located in our Arizona office.


Sales Engineer

Richard was born and raised in Arizona. Attended Arizona State University with a focus in Mechanical Engineering and then fell into Technical Project Management. After 12 years of managing large budget projects spanning system integrations and upgrades, he transitioned into the role of Field Sales Engineer with VMA.

Richard has a deep passion for building relationships with his clients and principals, and supporting them to problem solve and develop innovative solutions. Outside of the office, Richard can be found volunteering as a mentor and coach of high school students at his church, running and hiking the extensive trails of Arizona, and spending time with his wife, 2 boys, 2 girls, and 2 grandkids. Richard is located in our Arizona office.


Field Sales Engineer

Taylor is a Texas native, and grew up in the small town of Boerne, Texas.  He attended Texas A&M University, where earned his bachelor’s degree in Engineering.  After college he was recruited by a Manufacturer’s Rep Firm, where he spent the first 7 years of his career. Initially hired on as an inside salesperson, Taylor quickly accelerated within the organization and expanded into various other roles such as Distribution Manager, and Field Sales Engineer.  Taylor then spent the following 7 years working for an electronic component distributor named Electro Enterprises that almost exclusively supported the mil/aero market.

Taylor worked as a Field Sales Engineer supporting the Texas, Utah and New Mexico territory, Product Manager, as well as Director or Business Development where he managed a team of 10 Field Sales Professionals across the entire United States.  Gathering from his previous experiences, Taylor has now taken on the role of Field Sales Engineer with Vic Myers supporting the Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas territory.  Outside of the office you will usually find Taylor either spending time with his wife and two young children, or out on the lake bass fishing.


Field Sales Engineer

Felecia Stivers, a native of Rockford, IL, now excels as a Field Sales Engineer at VMA in our Arizona office. Holding a BSEE from Arizona State University, she draws from her extensive background at Medtronic, Orbital Sciences, General Dynamics, and Northrop Grumman.

Specializing in high-reliability applications, Felecia stands out for her proficiency in relationship-building and innovative problem-solving. Whether contributing to medical devices or playing a vital role in rocket launches, her work has had a tangible impact on saving lives and safeguarding the nation.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Felecia enjoys time with her two teenagers, finds joy in travel, and actively engages with her local church. Driven by a passion for helping customers navigate cutting-edge technology, she is committed to delivering dependable solutions in fast-changing environments.


People and Culture Specialist

Karen has been a part of Vic Myers Associates team since February 2023. Prior to her position as People and Culture Specialist, she worked in the Science & Technology field as an HR Manager & Project Lead for SAIC and LANL. In the short time with VMA she has learned a lot and looks forward to knowing our business even better in support of all of our employees. She values her church community, her two sons who happen to be engineers, volunteering, and golf. Karen is located in our Albuquerque, NM office.

Natalie Myers

Inside Sales Administration

Natalie Myers joined Vic Myers Associates in September 2021 and is excited to be part of the team. She received her bachelor’s in business administration from the University of Phoenix and prior to her position as Inside Sales Administration she worked in the Hospitality Industry for over 15 years as a Senior Sales Administrator. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter, family and friends along with watching sporting events, traveling, hiking and cheering on her daughter in dance and basketball! Natalie is located in our Arizona office.


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