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Parraid is wholly devoted to design, engineering, sales, and support of telemetry data systems and tactically oriented mission-critical communications solutions. Parraid has extensive and in-depth experience in developing a range of product lines and integrated systems that meet the critical needs and demands of highly advanced aerospace industry programs, first responder and tactical-edge communications and readiness in force requirements (land, air, sea), as well as a commercial line of smart tools for IT professionals that enhance existing computer resources and simplify network testing and monitoring.


Featured Products

The Parraid Telemetry and Data Systems (TDS) division provides world-class aerospace system solutions for
telemetry receiving, processing, recording, archiving, and data mining for Government and industry clients on six
continents. TDS developed the first PC-based telemetry data processor more than 25 years ago. Since then, the TDS
offering has grown to include the most feature-rich ground-based data processing and recording systems in the world
for use in all data processing applications. Our current capabilities and products include:


♦  Complete telemetry ground stations and networks

 ♦  High-performance portable and easy-transport multi-stream processing platforms

♦  Hand-carry Data Brick™ battery-powered telemetry systems

♦  Best source/data selectors


♦  IRIG-106 Chapter 10 format

♦  PCM, Analog, Video, MIL-STD-1553, ARINC-429, and others

♦  Integrated real-time processing, best data engine, and receivers

♦  Remote control operation


♦  Multi-band: S, L, P, and C-bands

♦  ARTM Tiers 0, 1, and 2

♦  Rack-mount, Receiver Brick™, card-level

♦  Remote control operation


♦  Scalable from desktop to the enterprise

♦  Search terabytes of raw data in milliseconds

♦  Permissed access security protection

♦  Any file format in and any format out, includes Matlab & Excel


♦  IRIG-106 Chapter 10 format

♦  PCM, Analog, Video, MIL-STD-1553, ARINC-429, and others

♦  Real-time processing network connection 

♦  Remote control operation


Custom Product Solutions for Mission-Critical Requirements

Parraid specializes in custom product solutions for mission-critical requirements. Rapidly deployed, integrated, cost-effective, and requirements-driven; our custom product solutions have solved challenges for some of the most critical requirements worldwide.




Parraid is dedicated to developing products which enable our customers to be more net-centric, allowing any number of users to securely access critical networked information from the most remote locations.

Information is generated in many forms, which can include audio (voice), video, and various types of digital data. In its raw form these various types of information are incompatible and difficult to transport and share. To be networked, information must be in the correct form – that is Internet Protocol (IP). IP information can be easily transferred, switched, and used by applications. The main benefits of using networked IP information are; sharing of assets from any remote location, and having information in a standard format making application development easier. These benefits can result in huge cost-savings and allow operational and mission achievements that were not possible before.

Parraid bridges data sources to networks using its Network Radio Gateway (NRG) and CloudNode products. These devices implement hardware and software to turn any available data sources into network-ready information. This can be termed Everything over IP (EoIP). Examples include; Voice over IP (VoIP) where a voice source, such as a tactical radio is digitized, processed, packetized, and routed into a network. Learn more about our leading-edge EoIP technology and product solutions that can generate networked information for any source of critical data communications to assure your mission success.

Rugged USB Hubs & Repeaters

Parraid builds a line of cost-effective, value-added rugged enhancement products for critical radio and computer communications on the move. Our products are engineered and designed to enhance data access and transfer, streamline operations, lighten the load, and add protection to hardware. Used in rugged and harsh tactical-edge and first responder environments, they meet the demands when every second counts.

Deployable Tactical Systems

Parraid has extensive experience and knowledge in network security integration and infrastructures, developing a variety of deployable tactical communication suites for DoD. These portable systems can be easily adapted with secure scalable architectures to meet mobile security requirements in the field.


Company Overview

A small products-oriented business, Parraid is wholly devoted to design, engineering, sales, and support of telemetry data systems and tactically oriented mission-critical communications solutions. Rooted in 25+ years of experience, we are proudly headquartered in Hollywood, MD, with a great team, great products, and great clients.

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