Optisys – 3D Printed RF Antennas & Components

Optisys is a turnkey advanced antenna and radar product vendor. Our next generation RF products can enable ground breaking system and product performance through our low SWaP-C, highly efficient, solution capability. Our technology is enabled by our novel design process and metal additive manufacturing for component production.

Optisys can provide solutions from 1 to 100GHz, from feeds and flat panel antennas, to phased arrays and Synthetic Aperture Radar, and a great deal in between. We also design and fully integrate, as part of the radiating element, peripheral aspects of the RF aperture, such as filtering, combiner networks, wave guide switching, diplexing and much more.

Featured Products

Phased Array

phased array esa aesa hybrid antenna dualband multiband wideband

Our phased array product line is offered as a Hybrid phased arrays. The Hybrid approach, where one axis electronically steered and the second axis is steered using a mechanical turntable for low power, lower cost installations. Multibeam solutions are possible with this approach too. All our phased arrays can be wide band and dual band, covering the full Ku to Ka, or X and Ku as examples, as well as also providing full duplex Tx/Rx in the same aperture.

Download our Phased Array spec sheet

Tracking Solutions

slotted slot array narrowband flat panel antenna radar

Optisys narrow-band slotted arrays are a very lightweight, compact and efficient solution that are making a big impact in the space industry. We can easily tile panels into very large, but still lightweight, arrays

RF Equipment

omni antenna pattern

Optisys Onmis are extremely compact, capable of very wideband performance and offer very high power handling capabilities.

Along with our other solutions, our Omnis can be quickly modified to change the pattern for different applications.

​Download our Omni information sheet

Horn Arrays

antenna array horn filter diplexer duplexer

Our horn arrays are highly versatile, being used for many sensor and communications applications on anything from ships right up to space. Our arrays are highly modular, scalable and can encompass all aspects of the passive RF chain in one component.

Download our general product introduction sheet


feed multiband wideband dualband space satellite

Optisys feeds are highly customizable, with dual polarization, filtering and multi band as common features. We can easily modify the feed for different reflector sizes and our patented fully integrated design removes the need for boom arms and associated pattern discrepancies.

Download our Feed information sheet

RF Equipment

waveguide wave guide switch rfe radio frequency equipment

Optisys are also capable of developing and incorporating WG switching, diplexers and much more into our other RF products or as standalone, drop-in, product.

Application Highlights

Optisys offers a variety of patented antenna feed designs between L-band and Q-band. Additive manufacturing allows for use of our library of predesigned components to rapidly create custom antennas for any application up to full rate production parts.

Optisys uses modular designed antenna components to significantly cut design costs, reduce weight, decrease size, and shorten design time and manufacturing cycles. We combine RF/electrical, mechanical, structural, and thermal requirements into a single metal 3D printed component.

Any RF or mechanical component can be easily added, modified, or removed.

Company Overview

Optisys is an antenna design company that specializes in designing compact, lightweight, high-performance antennas leveraging metal 3D printing to create integrated antenna structures that achieve the smallest volume physically necessary for RF performance.

Products include: metal 3D printed custom antennas, 3D metal antennas, antenna arrays, antenna feeds and subreflectors, lattice structures, OMT and polarizer, antenna horns, monopulse antennas and monopluse comparator, waveguides and connectors, 5G steerable antenna, and directional antennas.

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