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Flight Microwave specializes in:
• Design and Manufacture Passive Microwave Components to Spec
• High Power Passive Components
• Multipaction
• Passive Intermodulation
• Corona Breakdown
• High Q, Low Loss designs
• Light-weight space applications

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Flight Microwave has experienced Output Multiplexer designers and tuners that produce superior performance from UHF to Ka Band. The multiplexer design and layout is custom tailored to meet the needs of the payload. These multiplexers may be delivered as a standalone unit or as a unit integrated with ancillaries such as Receive Reject, Harmonic filtering, test couplers and switches. Analysis (Mechanical, Thermal and Power Handling) is performed at FMC with results provided per customer SDRL requirements. Flight has the experience and facilities to provide testing is required for multipactor, corona or PIM.

Ku Band 15-Channel Fully Qualified Omux

• Integrated Output Assembly
• Super High Q Filters > 18000Q
• Temperature Compensated Filters
• Thermal Shift 25% of Invar
• 150W Per Channel

Ku Band 6-Channel Fully Qualified Omux

• Integrated Output Assembly
• Super High Q Filters > 18000Q
• Temperature Compensated Filters
• Thermal Shift 25% of Invar
• 150W Per Channel

High Power Ka Band Omuxes

• Very low loss high Qu channel filters
• Qualified up to 200W/ Channel
• Integrated high power isolator
• Harmonic filters
• Diplexer/ Triplexer
• Multiplexers up to 8 channels

Ku Band Temperature compensated Omux channel

• Light weight Aluminum filters
• TE114 and TE113 dual mode cavity
• Frequency stability 4X better than Invar filters
• Capable of high power operation in air
• Available with high power isolator and harmonic filtering
• 10.2 to 12.8 GHz
• Up to 16 channels per multiplexer

S Band, L-Band Rx Tx Antenna Diplexers

• 1.5 to 2.5 GHz
• High power
• PIM resistant
• High rejection >110 dB
• Low mass
• Vented RF cavities
• High volume production
• L-band tested up to 200W

Filters & Ancillary Hardware


Flight Microwave has an extensive line of filters from UHF to 75 GHz for use in satellite payloads, airborne systems and ground applications.

FMC’s specializes in custom waveguide and coaxial filters. With a background in Space hardware, FMC’s design emphasis is balancing Mass, RF performance and High power capability.

This same expertise is applied to the design of airborne and ground applications.

Where high volume is required, a focused product line using lean manufacturing principles has been implemented. This methodology has enabled FMC to attract new customers in the airborne and ground segment.


Ancillary Hardware

Flight Microwave manufactures Space qualified Test Coupler, Adapters, Loads, Hybrids, Variable attenuators and phase shifters. Flight Microwave can provide these products in standard waveguide sizes (WR15, WR22, WR28, WR34, WR42, WR51, WR62, WR75, WR90, WR112, WR137, WR229, WR340, WR430) or a custom waveguide size suitable for your application. Because standard flanges are typically heavy FMC usually delivers units with customer specified flanges.

• Crossguide Couplers
• Broadwall Couplers
• Phase Shifters
• Variable Attenuators
• High Power loads
• Waveguide to Coax • Adapters

Integrated Assemblies & Test Capability

Integrated Assemblies

Flight Microwave has an extensive line of filters from UHF to 75 GHz for use in satellite payloads, airborne systems and ground applications.

Test Capability


FMC has acquired two 1000W Ku Band TWTAs from CPI Configured with ring resonator the setup produces over 20kW High power test from UHF to Ka Band
FMC has tested feed components
• OMTs
• Diplexers
• Filters
• Waveguide runs
• Multipactor
• Corona
• Thermal
Thermal Vacuum stations
• Two active T/Vac chambers

New developments

Improved K/Ka Band Omux channel
• Ultra High Qu Filters
• WR51 ports
• High Power
• 18 to 20 GHz
• Lower mass than traditional Multiplexers
• On-Orbit Heritage
• Temperature Stable RF performance

Ka Band High power circulator
• No organics for best high power performance
• Power tested to 200W into short
• Low loss ~ .12 dB-comparable to split ferrite circulator loss

Ka Band Imux channel
• 10,2,4 filter order
• Dielectric resonator
• Qu ~ 7500
• Readily available resonators
• Hybrid resonator mode
• Waveguide circulator for best off channel loss

Company Overview

Flight Microwave produces space qualified passive units from UHF through 75 GHz. Our focus is on microwave filters but our products include most passive units found in typical payloads and some unique units custom built to address some not so typical situations. Our Scientists, Engineers and Technicians draw on decades of experience to produce superior products necessary for a successful payload.

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