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Our airborne telemetry and flight test products gather and process critical information aboard aircraft, missiles, guided weapons, targets and UAVs. These products are used in defense and aerospace programs, weapons development and flight test for government agencies and prime contractors.

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SafeShot is an off-the-shelf, standard TM and FTS solution that can be tailored to any platform and used across multiple programs. The cost-effective, scalable solution is an alternative to expensive legacy systems that are weapon-specific with no cross-platform reuse. Through standardization, SafeShot reduces cost and enables economies of scale through manufacturing and a reduced subcontract data requirements list.

SafeShot enables customers to test weapons with munitions intact. With enough room to leave the munition intact, customers can more accurately mimic real tactical applications, resulting in better quality performance data.

Integrated, compact telemetry (TM) and flight safety system

L3Harris’ SafeShot provides a cost-effective, compact and fully integrated telemetry and flight termination system (FTS) that enables weapons to be tested, qualified and put into the hands of warfighters faster than ever before.

  • Range safety collaborative design
  • Secure encrypted digital (enhanced) flight termination
  • Miniaturized pulse code modulation (PCM) encoder for custom signals requirements
  • Ground test system/system integration lab for systems checkout and troubleshooting
  • Tri-services qualification plan design > NSA-approved Type 1 communications security

COMSEC Devices

L3Harris offers unique, modular products consisting of a PCM encoders and S-Band transmitters used in projectile test applications. Our COMSEC/Encryption products can be modified to accommodate virtually any requirement and can be physically repackaged to meet a wide variety of form factors, depending on installation needs.


L3Harris Network Data Acquisition System (PCM330E)

L3Harris offers a line of flight-proven PCM encoders Data Acquisition Systems (DAS) for virtually any application where sensor data needs to be monitored and transmitted to a remote location is needed. Our DAS solutions offer a wide variety of aircraft flight test products ranging from simple encoder/transmitter systems to large-scale master/remote DAS.

  • PCM330E – Fourth-generation, subminiature programmable data acquisition syste
  • Small footprint/volume for compact telemetry systems requirements
  • High speed operation up to 40 Mbps
  • User programmable through PC interface
  • Programmable signal conditioning
  • Modular design for ease of expandability
  • Designed to interface with a large variety of functional modules
  • Embedded encryption available with NSA approval
  • Configurable from 1 to 15 modules



  • NetDAS – Complete Data Acquisition System (DAS) providing comprehensive signal conditioning and encoding functions where size, performance and cost are critical and environmental conditions are severe.
  • Automatic configuration upload
  • High-speed internal digital bus
  • Automated calibration via L3Harris’ Vista TEC™ software
  • 16 selectable formats of up to 256 k words
  • Traditional and Ethernet system configurations
  • Modular design with integral signal conditioning
  • Small size, lightweight, low cost
  • Missile, fighter aircraft and civil aircraft applications
  • PCM operation to 20 Mbps
  • Ethernet operation to 20 Mbps
  • Resolution to 16 bits per word
  • Accuracy: ± 0.5% standard over complete environments (optional accuracies available)
  • System programming via L3Harris’ Vista TEC
    Embedded encryption option available


Telemetry Transmitters

CSS905A - Transmitter

L3Harris offers a line of flight-proven transmitters for virtually any application where data or video needs to be transmitted to a remote location. Our telemetry and video transmitters are available in a variety of power levels and frequency bands, and offer a complete solution to any transmitter needs.

  • CSS-905A – S-Band Telemetry Transmitter (5 or 10 W output) 
  • HRT-920 – High-Reliability Transmitter 
    • Miniature S-Band multi-waveform telemetry transmitter – output power of 17 W with data rate capability to 20 Mbps.
      • Size: 2.5” L x 3.5” W x 0.81” D
      • Multimode – supports ARTM Tier 0, 1; PCM/FM; SOQPSK (factory set)
      • All components derated for high-reliability
      • Frequency agile over full S-Band
      • RF Output Power to 17 W (factory set)
      • Serial control and status to IRIG 106-11 over RS-422
      • Clock free input standard
      • Current (HRT-920) and heritage (CTS-910) transmitters are on multiple munitions test programs
      • Ideally suited to test flights with difficult environmental requirements


Flight Termination

L3Harris has designed a variety of flight termination solutions (FTS) for high-capacity data storage in a compact form factor. Our FTS products range from complete systems to system components that are fully programmable and flexible enough to meet the changing requirements of today’s modern test ranges.

  • AFTR-925  – Miniature, state-of-the-art receiver/decoder featuring 3- or 4- channel tone logic and redundant fail-safe circuitry


Application Highlights

L3Harris is a premier manufacturer of missile and aircraft flight test instrumentation and complete airborne turnkey systems. Our airborne telemetry and flight test products gather and process critical information aboard spacecraft, aircraft, missiles, guided weapons, targets and UAVs. These products are used in defense and aerospace programs, weapons development, flight test and satellite communications for space agencies including NASA.

Company Overview

L3Harris is a full-service manufacturer of state-of-the-art communication and telemetry solutions for airborne, intel, maritime, space and terrestrial applications. 

Integrated solutions combine latest-generation technologies and proven processes, are sold to defense, intelligence and government agencies, as well as international and commercial organizations. Products include Airborne Telemetry, Telemetry Encoders, Airborne Data Acquisition, Telemetry Transmitters, Flight Termination Receivers, COMSEC Encryption, PCM Encoders, PCM Transmitters and more.

L3Harris partners with customers, industry and academia to develop innovations that reduce costs and improve performance. 

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