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Zynq® UltraScale+ MPSoC FPGA Development Kit

Custom Embedded Computing with Re-Configurable FPGAs on Off-the-Shelf Mezzanine Modules

Acromag offers you an easy, cost-effective package to start your FPGA development today.

User-configurable FPGA I/O modules offer the ability to create custom I/O boards. Just download your own instruction sets into the I/O module’s FPGA. You can use your own application program to control the module’s analog or digital I/O channels for simulation, communication, diagnostics, image processing and other applications.

Zynq FPGA development kit

Product Details

AcroPack® Configurable Zynq® UltraScale+TM MPSoC Module (choose one of three).

  • APCe7012 Carrier Card
    • AcroPack PCI Express Carrier Card
    • Holds 1 AcroPack module.
    • The carrier JTAG port along with the provided JTAG programming cable provide access to APZU-30x JTAG interface.
  • 5028-626 Break-Out Panel
    • I/O breakout panel with cables for Ethernet, UART, JTAG, and 68-pin carrier card connections.
    • This panel will mate directly to all 68-pin AcroPack Carriers. The breakout panel and short 68-pin male to male 1-foot cable will bring an ethernet port, USB 2.0 port, UART to USB port, digital I/O at jumper blocks, and power and reset buttons out to the field.
    • The UART to USB port can be used with PuTTY to monitor APZU Zynq development.
  • APZU-EDK Board Support Package and FPGA Design Kit
    • Contains example of IP Block design, block RAM, system monitor, AXI interface to digital I/O.
    • The Xilinx® Project Files folder contains the PetaLinux and board definition files. These project files contain all of the source files required to create Acromag’s example designs as described in the APZU-3xx users manual, and APZU PetaLinux manual.
    • The board definition folder contains the definition files needed for correct project operations. The APZU-3xxuser’s manual will explain how to point to these files (using vivado_init.tcl) in your project.
    • The PetaLinux folder contains the PetaLinux boot files, board support package and helloworld C application for each module. Instructions corresponding to these files are found in the APZU PetaLinux manual.
    • The VitisTM project files, which are used for bare metal application development, are also included. The APZU-3xx user’s manual has an overview of the Xilinx Vitis tool and files found in the myVitis folder.

About Acromag

Acromag is an international corporation that combines more than 60 years of process monitoring and control experience with a solid background in high-tech computer design to provide you with Embedded Computer Solutions, Process Automation, and more.

Established in 1957, Acromag built its reputation designing critical measurement instrumentation equipment for the petrochemical and aerospace industries. Acromag, Inc. was soon recognized internationally as a leading designer of analog and digital control products for the industrial I/O market. Products include rugged embedded computers, Industry Pack (IP) modules, processor mezzanine modules, PMC & XMC FPGA mezzanine modules, mini PCI express based interface I/O boards, PCI express based interface I/O boards, reconfigurable FPGA modules & boards, compactPCI (cPCI) boards, rugged type 6 COM express modules, industry pack and mezzanine I/O modules for VME, PCI and compact PCI xystems, real-time control systems and more.


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