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Weiss Technik provides a wide range of systems and devices for environmental simulation. Whether you are carrying out temperature, climate, vibration, corrosion, emissions, altitude, pressure or combined stress testing, they have the right solution and can supply systems in all sizes. From series products right through to customer-specific, process-integrated systems. The choice is yours for excellent reproducibility and precise test results.

Featured Products

Weiss Technik Walk-In Drive-In test chambers are available in many sizes and configurations for both pre-engineered and custom solutions. Panelized or Welded versions are available. Temperature and Humidity can be selected for performance levels required for your testing. Many options are available to customize your testing including access ports, heavy floor loading, various wall thickness, quiet packages, doors, windows, user and product safety options, LN2 boost and more.

Weiss Technik vast experience with altitude, thermal vacuum, low temperature and space simulation test chambers can provide you with the right solution. They offer both pre-engineered and custom chambers for ultra-low cooling, extended mbar, and extended temperature ranges that will meet your testing exact requirement. Their chamber controller and software is designed specifically for altitude and space applications. Chambers are also designed to meet many of the stringent MIL – STD and RTCA testing requirements.

Weiss Technik series of HALT & HASS AGREE and Vibration test chambers provide combined testing for temperature, humidity and vibration for your testing applications. This testing helps identify product design and production defects that may cause product failures. Their test chamber solutions include models that let you customize options and features that fit you testing requirements including LN2 cooling and thermal limit door interlocks. Chambers can also be used as a stand-alone chamber for temperate and humidity testing only giving your testing more flexibility.

Weiss Technik In Stock and Rental test chamber programs gives your environmental testing much more flexibility. They offer many options that will fit your testing requirements.  In Stock test chambers offer common sizes and features that allow you to keep your testing on track. Their rental test chamber program helps your test lab in overflow situations or in cases where you cannot wait for a new test chamber. These programs help save you both time and money. In Stock and Rental programs –  Ready when you are.

Weiss Technik Reach-In Temperature & Humidity test chambers offer many pre-engineered and custom sizes to fit your exact testing requirements. Available models include a wide range of temperature ramp rates, humidity levels, and many standard and optional features including temperature cycling, steady-state testing, and fast change rate.

Company Overview

Weiss Technik is one of the most innovative and significant manufacturers of environmental simulation systems.  They are the market leader and one of the most innovative manufacturers of environmental simulation systems. With these testing systems, they can simulate all climatic conditions around the globe and beyond, under accelerated conditions. Whether temperature, climate, corrosion, dust or combined shock testing: Weiss Technik has the proper solution. They supply systems in all sizes, from standard versions up to customized, process-integrated facilities – for high reproducibility and precise test results.

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