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Trusted Time for Zero Trust Networks

Accurate and Precise Time Is a Foundational Element in Zero Trust Networks

Time is central to accurate log files that define the who, what, when and where of all activity in a Zero Trust network.

Time that is accurate, reliable and secure is foundational to Zero Trust networks. Without it, authentication mechanisms will fail, essential log file timestamps will not align, Zero Trust analytics will be unreliable, forensics will be hampered and other network issues will occur.

Not only must the time be correct, but the time server synchronizing other equipment like servers, routers and switches must also be compliant to Zero Trust principles and fit accordingly in a Zero Trust architecture.

As the most secure Trusted Time™ network devices, SyncServer® time servers are best suited to support Zero Trust initiatives. They ensure the security of time and its sources, as well as comply with the fundamental pillars of Zero Trust, including users, devices, network and analytics.

Trusted Time - SyncServer S600

Explore SyncServer Time Server Security in a Zero Trust Architecture

Authenticating the S600/S650
Authenticate the S650 With PKI/X.509
User Access to S600/S650
Authenticate Admins With ID Management
Secure Syslog
Secure Syslog With Peer Verify and TLS
NTP Server Client Authorization
Authenticate and Validate NTP Packets
Network Segmentation
Segment Network to Prevent Lateral Movement

Application Note on the Dual Role of Trusted Time for Zero Trust Networks

Zero Trust Pillars
Compliance With the Pillars of Zero Trust
Trusted Time is an essential aspect of a properly functioning and adequately hardened Zero Trust network. Without the most basic notion of accurate and synchronized time across the Zero Trust network, many of the pillars of Zero Trust will not function reliably.
Secure Time Source
Secure Time Source for the Zero Trust Network
The time server is foundational in supporting the pillars of Zero Trust networking, enabling accurate log file timestamps through secure, accurate and reliable network-wide time synchronization.

Featured Network Time Server

Sync Server S650
SyncServer S650 Time and Frequency Instrument
Accurate, Secure and Flexible Time and Frequency Instrument
  • Modular timing architecture with innovative FlexPort technology
  • Secure, hardened, web-based management
  • IRIG A/B/C37/E/G/NASA/2137/XR3/HaveQuick/PTTI available
  • Superior 10 MHz low phase noise options
  • PTP multi-port/profile output option
  • Rubidium atomic clock or OCXO oscillator upgrades


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