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Team Corporation designs, builds and delivers high-performance vibration test systems and related components for the world’s most challenging applications.

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Tensor 18kN High Frequency 6 DoF Vibration Test System


Tensor 18kN™

The Tensor 18kN™ expands the design of the small and more compact Tensor 900 to a size more practical for the typical user. The system is still designed to be over-determined, and uses twelve custom made ED shakers for excitation out to 2,000 Hz. However, the larger design incorporates twelve individual 900 lbf RMS shakers to drive a 30 inch square table. With four shakers in each axis, this system produces 3,600 lbf RMS per axis, and has a bare table moving mass of nominally 430 lbm. The Tensor 18kN™ represents cutting edge technology in multi-axis testing and incorporates custom oil cooled ED shakers with an integrated, air isolated and highly damped reaction mass capable of 12g peak Sine (bare table)and 9g RMS (bare table) Random acceleration.

Tensor 900™ High Frequency 6 DoF Vibration Test System


TE-900™ is a fully contained multi-axis vibration test system capable of precise control of all six degrees of freedom through a 5 kHz bandwidth. The system can reproduce real world vibration environments by simultaneously exciting all three linear translations, as well as all three rotations, to a frequency level never before achieved. This unprecedented performance has been made possible through the use of Team Corporation’s expertise in hydrostatic bearing design and multi-axis system engineering. Team Corporation´s addition to the TENSOR™ Family of Multi-Axis Test Systems provides unmatched performance in high-frequency, simultaneous excitation.

T-Film Slip Tables

T-Film Slip Tables

Team’s unique T-Film bearing system offers the rugged overturning moment capacity of the Team hydrostatic bearings combined with the full low pressure oil support of a granite or journal bearing oil film type slip table. This table system is assembled from a number of patented modular T-Film bearings. Each bearing measures 12″ x 12″ (300mm x 300mm) and allows the table to be configured to the customer’s test article size and load requirements. The use of multiple bearings to completely support and guide the slip plate will offer excellent dynamic stability and damping for better test results.With a standard stroke limit of 2.5 inches (62.5 mm) and available stroke of up to 12 inches (300mm), Team T-film bearings will work with all modern long stroke shaker systems.

Team Corporation Head Expanders

Head Expanders

Team conventional and guided head expanders are expertly designed to offer the best dynamic response at the lowest mass and weight. Conventional head expenders are available in standard sizes of 24″, 36″, 40″, 48″, 60″ and 72″ (60cm, 92cm, 101cm, 121cm, 152cm and 183cm) and in a variety of custom sizes to fit your specific application. All conventional head expanders are hand crafted from aluminum or magnesium to fit your shaker requirements.

Application Highlights

Since 1954 Team Corporation, as a leading engineering and manufacturing company, has contributed to the development of the worlds most advanced space, automotive, rail transportation, electronics, defense, packaging, telecommunications, seismic and oil exploration programs. Our talented engineers have collaborated with many high profile worldwide companies to develop servohydraulic test systems that cater to the unique needs of our customers. 

Each system is a compilation of the extensive experience we’ve gained in the many industries we’ve served. We invite you to explore each market below for a comprehensive list of Team systems and components designed to improve your products and services.


Avionics is one of many specialized development fields utilizing Team systems for durability and validation testing. Team systems and solutions have proven reliability and are built to exceed your exacting requirements.


With today’s automotive manufacturers striving to develop quieter and more reliable vehicles, Team component test systems offer many superior solutions for NVH, BSR, durability, chassis and drive train development.


Printed circuit boards, hard drives, cellular phones and vital communication equipment are several of the many industry applications supported by Team vibration test systems.



The demands of government equipment are changing rapidly. From personnel carriers, to missile guidance systems, to combat communications, Team continues to provide solutions for a variety of mission critical needs.

Oil Field

Oil field exploration requirements continue to push the thresholds of critical drilling equipment. Team specialty MWD and Down Hole Logging test systems offer the constant pursuit of reliable and specialized directional drilling tools.
Team earthquake simulation systems are defined and designed by our customers. Whether your test requires single or multi-axis, Team custom seismic systems will meet your exacting requirements.

Company Overview

In 1954, Team Corporation was founded by Vern Tauscher who began by manufacturing hydraulically driven rivet guns for the aircraft manufacturing industry. Demand for spacecraft development allowed Team to design and manufacture specialty equipment for use in early spacecraft testing. Team vibration simulation equipment has been used for quality and durability testing everything from small printed circuit boards to satellites, launch vehicles, military transport vehicles, armaments, rail cars, automotive components and more.

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