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U.S. DoD Assured Time and Frequency With SyncServer® S650 M-Code Clock

Accurate, Secure and Flexible Time and Frequency Standard with Integrated M-Code Receiver
syncserver s650
S650 M-Code with Timing I/O Modules (Optional Configuration)

Product Features

  • <50 ns RMS to UTC (USNO) via GPS, typical
  • GPS M-Code MPE-M Type II PPS L1/ L2 receiver
  • Simultaneous M-Code and SAASM operation capable
  • <1×10–12 frequency accuracy
  • Modular timing architecture with unique and innovative FlexPort™ technology
  • Most popular timing signal inputs/ outputs are standard in the base timing I/O module (IRIG B, 10 MHz, 1PPS)
  • Four standard GbE ports, all with patented NTP hardware time stamping, two additional 10 GbE ports optional
  • Web-based management with high-security cipher suite
  • Rubidium Atomic Clock or OCXO oscillator upgrades
  • Dual power supply option
  • Hot start ready using DAGR/PLGR
  • Additional timecode I/O including IRIG A/B/C37/E/G/NASA/2137/XR3/ HaveQuick/PTTI available
  • Superior 10 MHz low phase noise options
  • PTP multi-port/profile output option
  • PTP input option
  • DISA/DoDIN approved product


  • FlexPort timing technology efficiently and cost-effectively adds innovative “any signal, any connector” technology, eliminating the wasted space inherent with legacy style fixed-signal modules/BNCs
  • Best-in-class low phase noise 10 MHz outputs for satellite ground stations and radar systems
  • Multiple GbE network ports for easy network configuration and adaptation
  • Reliable and rugged design for long product life and wide application scope
  • Many security-hardened, network-based features for stringent IA requirements

Product Details

Unparalleled Flexibility

The modular SyncServer® S650 M-Code combines the best of time and frequency instrumentation with unique flexibility and powerful network/security-based features.

The base Timing I/O module with eight BNC connectors comes standard with the most popular Timing I/O signals (IRIG B, 10 MHz and 1PPS). When more flexibility is required, the unique FlexPort technology option enables six of the BNCs to output many supported signals (time codes, sine waves, programmable periods), all configurable in real time through the secure web interface.

This incredibly flexible BNC-by-BNC configuration makes efficient and cost-effective use of the 1U space available. Similar functionality is applied to the two input BNCs, as well. Unlike legacy modules with fixed count BNCs outputting fixed signal types per module, FlexPort technology can allow up to 12 BNCs to output any combination of supported signal types.

The Timing I/O module is also available with T1/E1 Telecom I/O, HaveQuick/PTTI I/O and fiber input/output connectors.

Superior Low Phase Noise (LPN) Performance

For applications requiring superior LPN 10 MHz signals, two different LPN modules are available. Each module has eight extremely isolated 10 MHz LPN outputs, with each module offering excellent levels of LPN or ultra LPN performance.

Robust Timing and Design

The GPS M-Code receiver coupled with active thermal compensation technology provides excellent accuracy of <50 ns RMS to UTC (USNO). This is all in addition to a durable hardware design subjected to MIL-STD-810H testing, high-reliability components extending the operating temperature range from –20°C to 65°C, and a dual power supply option. Upgrading to a high-performance oscillator, such as a Rubidium atomic clock, keeps the S650 accurate for long periods in the event of a GPS service disruption.

Secure Networking

Security is an inherent part of the S650 M-Code. In addition to many security features and protocols, unused services can be disabled. The four standard GbE ports, and two optional 10 GbE ports, can accommodate 10,000 NTP requests per second using hardware time stamping and compensation. NTP monitoring, charting and MRU logging assist in managing the NTP client activity. For more secure NTP operations, enable the optional security-hardened NTP Reflector™ with line speed, 100% hardware-based NTP packet processing.

Leverage Built-In Hardware

The S650 M-Code includes additional built-in hardware features enabled through software license keys such as the security hardened NTP Reflector and multi-port/profile IEEE 1588 PTP output/input operations. The SyncServer S650 M-Code—the best choice for mission-critical operations.

Four GbE Ports for Performance, Flexibility and Security

The S650 M-Code has four dedicated and isolated GbE Ethernet ports, each equipped with NTP hardware time stamping. These are connected to a high-speed microprocessor with microsecond-accurate time stamps to assure high-bandwidth NTP performance. This exceeds the need of servicing 10,000 NTP requests per second with no degradation in time stamp accuracy.


The four GbE ports provide network configuration flexibility and enhanced security. Multiple isolated and synchronized time servers can also be configured. Two 10 GbE SFP+ ports can be added for NTP/ PTP operations as well.

Multiple ports provide the flexibility to adapt to different network topologies as networks grow and change. An S650 can be the single time source to synchronize clients on different subnets and physical networks. There is only one time reference, but it can appear as though there are four clocks available because each port is independent.

NTP can be served on all four ports (six if 10 GbE ports are added). The highly secure web-based management interface is only available on port 1, so that administrators may choose to keep that IP address private and secure. Unique access control lists per port can govern server response to client requests for time.

Intuitive, Secure and Easy-to-Use Web Interface

The modern web interface is the primary control interface of the S650. Once the keypad and display bring the unit online, complete status and control functions are easily found on the left navigation menu.

SyncServer S650 Dashboard
At-a-glance dashboard presentation combined with logical organization and intuitive controls that make configuring the S650 M-Code easy.

Standard Management Access Security

All of the expected network management protocols are standard in the S650 M-Code. These include mandatory password access, HTTPS/SSL only (using the high-encryption cipher suite), SSH, access control lists, service termination, SNMPv2/ v3, and NTP MD5 authentication. All traffic to the S650 CPU is bandwidth-limited for protection against DoS attacks. The local keypad on the server can be password-protected to prevent tampering.

Security-Hardening Option

The SyncServer S650 M-Code can be further hardened from both an NTP perspective and an authentication perspective through the Security Protocol License option that includes the security-hardened NTP Reflector.

Operational hardening through the 360,000 NTP packet per second NTP Reflector with 100% hardware-based NTP packet processing also works with a CPU-protecting firewall by bandwidth limiting all non-NTP traffic. The Reflector also monitors packet flow for DoS detection and reporting, yet remains impervious to the level of network traffic as it operates at line speed.

Authentication hardening is available for NTP client/server authentication through the NTP Autokey function or user access authentication through TACACS+, RADIUS, and LDAP. Third party CA-signed X.509 certificates are installable for further hardening of management access. For more information about the protocol license option, see the SyncServer Options datasheet (DS00002920).

SyncServer S650 Security Protocols
An entire drop-down menu in the S650 M-Code dedicated to security-related protocols.

Unprecedented NTP Accuracy

The Stratum 1 level S650 M-Code derives nanosecondaccurate time directly from the atomic clocks aboard the GPS satellites. By using an integrated GPS M-Code MPE-M Type II PPS receiver, every visible satellite can be tracked and used to maintain accurate and reliable time.

Ultra-High-Performance NTP

The S650 M-Code can effortlessly support hundreds of thousands of network clients while maintaining microsecondcaliber NTP time stamp accuracy. NTP request throughput rates can exceed 10,000 requests/second while maintaining NTP time stamp accuracy. NTP monitoring, charting and MRU logging assist in managing the NTP client activity. If the Security Protocol License option is enabled, the NTP Reflector can process over 360,000 NTP requests per second with 20-nanosecond caliber time stamp accuracy with the added benefit of security-hardening the network port.

Superior Low Phase Noise Performance

The S650 M-Code is optimized to provide the best possible low phase noise 10 MHz signals. Two LPN modules are available to choose from depending on the phase noise sensitivity of the user application. Each module has eight extremely isolated 10 MHz LPN outputs with each module offering excellent levels of LPN and Ultra LPN performance from the close in 1 Hz out to 100 kHz.

Multi-Port/Profile IEEE 1588 PTP Grandmaster

The S650 M-Code is optimized to provide the best possible low phase noise 10 MHz signals. Two LPN modules are available to choose from depending on the phase noise sensitivity of the user application. Each module has eight extremely isolated 10 MHz LPN outputs with each module offering excellent levels of LPN and Ultra LPN performance from the close in 1 Hz out to 100 kHz.

IEEE 1588 PTP Input License

PTP input is useful for tunneling time to the S650 over the network. PTP input can be the primary time reference or used as a backup reference in the event of GPS signal loss. With GPS, the S650 can automatically calibrate and store observed network path delay asymmetries for PTP input use if the GPS signal is lost.

More Timing I/O Standard

The base S650 M-Code can host two modules. The Timing I/O modules are equipped with eight connectors for timing signal input and output. The standard configuration offers a broad yet fixed selection of signal I/Os that include IRIG B, 10 MHz, and 1PPS.

SyncServer S650 Timing I/O Standard

FlexPort—The Ultimate in Timing Flexibility

Our unique FlexPort technology efficiently and cost-effectively adds innovative “any signal, any connector” capabilities, eliminating the wasted space inherent with legacy style fixed signal modules.

The FlexPort option enables the six output connectors (J3-J8) to output many supported signals (time codes, sine waves, programmable periods) all configurable in real time through the secure web interface. User-entered, nanosecond caliber phase offsets for each connector output accommodates variable cable lengths. The two input connectors (J1-J2) can support a wide variety of input signal types.

This level of timing signal flexibility is unprecedented and can even eliminate the need for additional signal distribution chassis as there is no degradation in the precise quality of the coherent signals.

SyncServer S650 FlexPort

Oscillator Upgrades Improve Holdover Accuracy and Save Valuable Time

The standard S650 M-Code is equipped with a crystal oscillator that keeps the S650 accurate to nanoseconds when tracking GPS. However, if GPS connectivity is lost and the server is placed in holdover, the oscillator begins to drift, impacting timing accuracy. Upgrading the oscillator improves the holdover accuracy significantly. For example, consider the following drift rates for the standard oscillator compared to the OCXO and Rubidium upgrades.

The value of the upgraded oscillator is that if the GPS signal is lost, the S650 can continue to provide accurate time and frequency. This provides personnel time to correct the problem with only gradual degradation or disruption in time synchronization accuracy.


Download the data sheet for full specifications, hardware and software options.

About Microchip

Microchip Technology Inc is the world leader in precise time solutions and sets the world’s standard for time. Timing and synchronization solutions to generate, distribute and apply precise time are used worldwide in multiple industries, including communications, aerospace/defense, IT infrastructure and metrology.

Customers are able to build more reliable networks and systems based on Microchip’s advanced timing technologies, atomic clocks, services and solutions. Microchip’s Synchornization Systems support today’s precise timing standards, including GPS-based timing, IEEE 1588 (PTP), Network Time Protocol (NTP), Synchronous Ethernet and DOCSIS® timing.

Microchip is the market leader in network synchronization with a focused industry-leading portfolio for Synchronous Ethernet/IEEE 1588 timing for packet networks and OTN systems. Their portfolio of end-to-end timing solutions is engineered to solve your most difficult network timing challenges.


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