Founded in 1984, SEMCO provides RF Products and Services in support of the U.S. Government, Department of Defense (DOD), Homeland Security, Intelligence Agencies, and Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement. Company Products include:

  • Telemetry and Video Transmitter Modules
  • Telemetry and Video Receiver Modules
  • Rack Mount and Portable Telemetry Receivers, Simulators, and Demodulators
  • Automated Telemetry Test Stations
  • Video Surveillance Systems
  • Unmanned Vehicle Control Systems

Company Services include a wide variety of disciplines in support of DOD airborne, shipboard, and land-based weapons systems.

Featured Products

SEMCO’s telemetry receivers include rack-mount 6U, 4U, 3U, 2U and 1U Dual and Quad Channel Receiver Combiner Systems, as well as single and multi-channel receiver configurations. Portable systems and telemetry card sets for installation in a customer’s PC chassis are also available. Frequency coverage from 70 MHz to 5250 MHz, the latest demodulator formats, unprecedented data rate capabilities from as low as 2 kbps to 40 Mbps, proven reliability, maintainability and ease-of-use, remote (network) and local controls and advanced features embracing advanced technologies such as Adaptive Equalization (AE), Data Quality Metrics Encapsulation (DQM/DQE), Space Time Coding (STC), Low Density Parity Check (LDPC), and TM over IP are reasons why most all U.S. Flight Test Ranges and several International Flight Test Ranges have modernized and standardized on SEMCO telemetry receivers.


Antenna Tracking Receivers

SEMCO provides for dedicated antenna tracking receivers that are an extremely popular low cost solution for antenna tracking installations and, as such have become the standard at several Flight Test Ranges. Designed to provide the required AGC and AM interface to Antenna Control Units (ACUs) in frequency bands spanning 70 MHz to 5250 MHz, these Tracking Receivers are superior to other receivers in the industry. This superiority and proven performance is attributed to its unique analog AM detection design (no AM delay adjustment required), user-selectable low-pass Bessel filtering, AM output impedance selection and industry-leading frequency response. User interface is provided via both local and remote (network) control, with set-up and status displays designed with the users and their ground station-operating environment in mind.


Telemetry Signal Simulators

SEMCO’s Telemetry Signal Simulators are provided in 2U rack-mount configurations, as well as ruggedized portable and hand-held battery-powered configurations. These simulators are designed for pre-mission checkout of a telemetry ground station, as well as for telemetry receiver testing, calibration and maintenance. The simulators provide several optional power output ranges from +37 dBm to -100 dBm. An optional embedded noise source provides for precision Eb/No testing. The simulators provide an internally generated pseudo-random PCM code generator, user-selectable multi-mode modulator, calibrated single and optional dual, independent RF outputs, an embedded Bit Synchronizer and a Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT). The available RF output frequency range spans 200 MHz to 5250 MHz. Modulation formats include PCM/FM,

SEMCO’s TRT400 Telemetry Repeater is a custom product developed and produced for specific applications requiring the reception and re-transmission of telemetry data that emanates from a test vehicle that is either out of range of the target receiving station, or physically blocked from the ability to transmit and receive the data. Typical applications include overcoming physical RF blocks such as high rise buildings or mountainous terrain. SEMCO’s Telemetry Repeaters consist of one of the company’s 1U, 2U or 4U receivers, a 5, 10 or 20 watt telemetry transmitter and an antenna configuration that is determined by link margin analysis and the Repeater plan for use. All components are packaged in a ruggedized, portable enclosure.

Automated Telemetry Test Systems

SEMCO provides a fully-configured Automated Telemetry Test System that complies completely with IRIG 118 standards for telemetry receiver testing. The system is a fully automated tester for both dual channel and quad channel Receiver Combiner Systems. Controlled by a LabView software program, the system takes advantage of the serial COM port communications interface in all of SEMCO’s receiver products to be able to automatically control and set up the receiver parameters required for each test. A full Test Data Record (TDR) is printed out at the end of the test, providing the Test Operator with a review of the actual measurements taken in each test and the PASS-FAIL status of those tests.

Company Overview

SEMCO has been in business since 1984 providing engineering services and high-end wireless communications products to U.S. and allied governments.

  • State-of-the-art telemetry receivers, and simulators for missile, aircraft and weapon system flight testing;
  • Analog and digital video transmitters, receivers and surveillance systems for overt and covert surveillance;
  • Wireless RF operators and control systems for robotics applications; and
  • Wireless streaming compressed video systems for tactical military using cellular, satcom and tactical radio technologies.

The international flight test community currently employs well over 1,500 SEMCO telemetry systems; every U.S. federal law enforcement and intelligence agency uses SEMCO video surveillance equipment.

SEMCO owns its 42,000 square foot headquarters/engineering/manufacturing facility and has invested heavily over the years in its personnel and equipment to provide a broad spectrum of capability and capacity. Our location in San Diego County enhances our ability to recruit and retain highly-skilled engineers, technicians, and assemblers. SEMCO’s satellite offices are located in Camarillo, CA (engineering and logistics services) and Ocala, FL (hardware and software development and production support). SEMCO is fully compliant with the telemetry and communication industry’s latest modulation formats and RF frequency applications from 70 MHz to 5250 MHz. Our diverse hardware and software staff is competent in research & development, concept development, new product development, and field service support.

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