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Pulsed RF Power Amplifiers

Advancements in hardware, software, and systems design bring new features and capabilities to pulsed transmitters. Many functions previously implemented in hardware can now be performed by software and firmware, digitally, in real time.

Embedded computational capabilities and data bus speeds designed into Empower’s newest system amplifiers make possible long sought-after pulse performance and system diagnostics. Many functions previously implemented in hardware can now be performed by software and firmware, digitally, in real time.

Software RF Detectors – flexible and configurable, with broader instantaneous bandwidth.

Envelope Detection – has been added for control and protection based on pulse energy. Peak and RMS Detection for traditional control and protection based on RF power levels.

Pulse Droop Correction – critical to long pulses, this new capability has been demonstrated to reduce overshoot and droop by 1 dB. Consult factory.

CW Operation – a dedicated pulsed amp can now offer CW operation typically about 7dB below rated peak power. Optional.

Fiber Optics Data Bus – 9.6 Gb/sec data speeds essential for control/protection when combing large arrays of PA’s, not to mention the benefits to EMI.

Fast Field Replacement – replace fully integrated 2U PA’s in liquid cooled models with minimal interruption to full power operations.

Features and Capabilities*

  • Long Duty Cycles to 20%
  • Pulse Widths to up to 500  usec
  • Excellent Droop Performance
  • 400Hz and DC Mains Optional
  • Random Pulse and Duty Cycle Handling
  • Pulse Width and Duty Cycle Error Alarms
  • Remote Monitoring and Control via Web Browser
  • Fast Field Replaceable Drawers
  • High MTTFs
  • Web API for Software Integration

* Varies by model family

Field Proven

  • Radar
  • EW
  • Research  –  HPM and Radar
  • Open Air Range Testing
  • Magnetron Drivers
  • Automotive and Military EMC

PULSED Liquid Cooled Systems

Extreme Power for TWT and Magnetron replacement

RF Amplifier - Pulsed Liquid Cooled Systems.

PULSED Air Cooled Systems

PULSED Modules [NEW]

Demonstration of Fast Field Replacement

Fast Field Replacement (FFR) of an amplifier booster module in Empower’s liquid cooled scalable architecture is a significant capability for mission critical applications with the added benefit of lowering service and spares cost.

Pulse Shape Duplication for High Power SSPA’s

High power amplifiers do a poor job duplicating the input signal without distortions. Pulse shaping, as it is done today, is an effort to fix fidelity issues caused by the transmitting amplifier and is accomplished by a combination of imperfect methods, most external to the amplifier.

Pulse Droop Correction Demonstration

Demonstrating Pulse Droop correction on a C band long duty cycle SSPA. This is a technology developed at Empower RF Systems and enabled by the computational power and very high speed data rates we build into our newest generation of amplifiers.

White Paper: What is Pulse Shaping?

Pulse shaping is a leap ahead technology that Empower RF is perfecting for implementation into our existing high power amplifier architecture. This next feature set for our multimode interoperable SSPA’s has particular significance for electronic warfare applications. No other amplifier manufacturer in the Western world has this capability and so I thought you would be interested to learn of our progress given its relevance.

About Empower RF Systems

Founded in 1999, Empower RF Systems is based in Inglewood California. Empower RF is the technological leader in RF & microwave power amplifier solutions for EW, Radar, Satcom, Threat Simulation, Communications, and Product Testing. Our air and liquid cooled amplifiers incorporate the latest semiconductor and power combining technologies and with a patented architecture we build the most sophisticated and flexible COTS system amplifiers in the world. Solutions range from tens of watts to hundreds of Kilowatts and includes basic PA modules to scalable rack systems. Operating globally and continuing to expand our technology resources, Empower RF has recorded impressive growth since its inception. Our customer base includes market leading OEMs and government agencies with an array of demanding performance requirements.

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