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Production Testing With The Data Physics 900 Series Vibration Controller

Production vibration testing can’t afford downtime. The road to increased profitability involves maximizing your productivity and efficiency.

The 900 Series vibration controller can improve your efficiency and streamline testing across one or multiple test stands.


  • Automatic archiving of your data into a searchable database – The 900 Series software automatically manages all test data and runs, and archives them into a searchable database. Quickly search, filter, and sort for tests and data for all test – whether they were run days, months, or years ago.

  • Sharing of test profiles across multiple test stands – Multiple test stands can share the same database of tests. Create test profiles on one test stand, and they’re instantly accessible on all test stands. Generation of quality plots with readouts of test status and parameters.

  • Quickly generate plots and layouts with predefined test templates – Take advantage of full multi-monitor support and bring up displays on multiple screens.

  • Quick and easy generation of reports directly in your preferred format – Reports containing custom plots and test parameters can be quickly saved directly to PDF, Microsoft Word, and other formats.

  • Efficient aggregation of data from all test stands into one database – Data from all test stands can be seamlessly aggregated into one centralized database. Any PC can install the 900 Series software and review all test data – regardless of which test stand it was run on. Backing up of all test data is simple and painless.

  • Monitoring of live tests or review test data from anywhere on the company network – Live test status and data can be monitored from any PC on the company network. Outside the lab? No problem. Install the 900 Series software and monitor tests from all test stands from your office PC.

  • Generate reports from any PC – The 900 series software can be installed on any lab or office PC and can seamlessly review data from any test stand. Generate a quality custom report and save directly to Word or PDF from any office or lab PC, or from the test stand that took the data.

  • Test repeatability – Tests are highly repeatable. 900 Series controller performance does not depend on the specs of the host PC, thus tests are highly repeatable. Every test is preceded by a pretest that predicts whether the test will run; and is useful in identifying errors before the profile has started.

  • Quickly enter new test profiles and determine whether your shaker can run it – Test profiles can be spawned from existing setups; and profile breakpoint tables can be copied/pasted from external files. Get new profiles entered quickly; and determine how hard your shaker needs to be driven to run the profile.

  • Automation of sequential test execution, and integration with thermal chambers – Sequencing a series of test profiles to run one after the other automatically, with no operator input required. Integrate the 900 Series controller with other lab systems such as a thermal chamber or a supervisory controller. Full automation and integration with your lab’s existing systems.

  • Leave no room for operator error by fully integrating the 900 Series controller with a custom software system. For example, use a QR code scanner to scan each test article and automatically run the appropriate tests.

  • Get more for less – The 901 controller is a low-cost controller – which comes standard with all these listed features. It’s a fully featured, high-end controller with a modest price tag intended for use on the production line.

About Data Physics

Data Physics, owned by Battery Ventures, was founded by two Alumni of Hewlett Packard in 1984. Dave Snyder had designed hardware and software for the Fourier Analyzers developed at the Santa Clara Division of HP. Sri Welaratna had worked for HP in England, Europe and then in Santa Clara developing applications of Fourier Analyzers. The first project Dave and Sri did together was the design of the UD 400AT vibration controller, the first to use a PC as the host computer and a DSP based signal processing peripheral. This project began in 1983 and used the Texas Instruments TMS32010, the very first Digital Signal Processor.

Starting with the SignalCalc software library for HP Basic computers Data Physics evolved to signal processing solutions on PCs using add on DSP hardware to provide the computational power required for realtime measurements and analysis.

In 2014, Battery Ventures bought a controlling stake in Data Physics. DP is the fifth active industrial-technology platform in the Battery portfolio. In 2015, Battery Ventures acquired a controlling stake in both Lansmont and Team Corporations, establishing the foundation of the Noise & Vibration Technologies (NVT) Group.

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