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Megaphase – RF Coaxial Cables

MegaPhase designs, manufactures, and markets high-performance radio frequency (RF) coaxial cables and connectors for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that build advanced microwave and optical electronic systems, such as test instrumentation, defense electronics, homeland defense, satellites, broadband data, and communications systems.

Featured Products

Test & Measurement Cables

Our test & measurement cables provide customers with a competitive edge over ordinary cable designs by addressing three important criteria for testing electronic components and systems: phase stability, insertion loss stability and repeatable measurements for the cable’s useful life. This enables MegaPhase customers to calibrate most test sets with rate of recurrence far less than competitive products, and therefore achieve the lowest cost per measurement™ and more reliable test results.

What is GrooveTube?
This high performance outer conductor is manufactured using the highest quality, pure oxygen-free copper tape. With our custom designed machines, MegaPhase production staff forms this copper tape into flexible copper tubing, or GrooveTube. Unique to MegaPhase this cable design is used in high reliability applications including test & measurement systems.
  • GrooveTube® is a super-flexible copper tube, formed from a thin copper strip in a proprietary process.
  • GrooveTube® cables have a long useful life and feature superior mechanical and electrical stability
  • Stability versus flexure – convolutions v. braid
  • Precise phase trimming/matching
  • Temperature stable
  • Tight Dynamic Bend Radius
  • Robust “screw-on” connector termination
  • Crush Proof
  • Pull Resistant
  • Torque Resistant


Cables to 40 GHz
Low Loss Armored Test Cables for Compliance Measurements

MegaPhase® Probe Station Test Cables to 110 GHz
Every Detail is Designed for Dynamic Probe Station Measurements

Survivor™ Ruggedized Cables to 40 GHz
Low Loss Armored Cables for Rigorous Environments

SiteLine™ Armored Test Cables to 50 GHz
SiteLine Armored Test Cables

Broadband Test Cables to 8 GHz
75-ohm Cables for Testing of IoT Devices, Cable Modems, CATV, IPTV, and Broadcast Components

MegaPhase® Low PIM Cables to 8 GHz
An excellent choice when passive intermodulation-distortion is critical to your signal transmissions

ChipSet Measurement Test Cables to 40 GHz
Test Cables for Lightweight DUTs and Fixture Board Testing


RF & Microwave Cables

Low Loss, Low VSWR for Integrated Systems from DC-110 GHz. 35 cable types are available including GrooveTube® technology for high power and phase-defined systems, including electronic warfare, telecommunications equipment and many other RF platforms on the ground, sea, air and space.

UltraPhase™ Cables to 110 GHz
Phase and Temperature Stable Performance
Phase3™ Cables to 67 GHz
Ultra Low Loss Performance
The Warrior Cable® to 50 GHz
Rugged and Crush-Proof—When Downtime is Not an Option
NextPhase™ Cables to 40 GHz
General Purpose Low Loss
GrooveTube® Cables to 32 GHz
Rugged, Low Loss Performance for Severe Environments
RF Wiring Harnesses
Custom and Build-to-Print Designs for Multiport RF Connections
MegaPhase® Low PIM Cables to 6 GHz
An excellent choice when passive intermodulation-distortion is critical to your signal transmissions
Semi-Rigid Cables to 110 GHz
Custom and Standard Designs Using CNC Bending
JumpShot™ Cables to 18 GHz
Low Cost Jumper Cables for Systems Integration
MegaForm™ Cables to 26.5 GHz
Hand-Formable Jumper Cables
ClearPath™ Cables to 40GHz
Low Loss, Flexible Jumper Cables
Survivor™ Ruggedized Cables to 40 GHz
Low Loss Armored Cables for Rigorous Environments

Application Highlights

Airborne & Missile Systems
  • V-22 Osprey (Boeing Aircraft) (SiteLine)
  • AWACS (E-2C and E-2D) – aircraft, radar
  • VUIT-2 (Apache AH-64)- video transmission
  • RF Tow Missile – wire guided
  • PAC-3 – Patriot advanced capability
  • Predator UAV- primary for offensive operations
  • Paveway II – laser guided bomb
  • SM3 – ship based missile system
  • Griffin – Short range air to surface missile, specifically designed for UAV’s.
  • Netfires – attack missile based upon a vertical launcher design
  • F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (Avionics Test)
  • EuroFighter (Avionics Test)
Ground-Based Systems
  • Probe Array Radar-TPS
  • SOTM – Satellite on the Move
  • Communications-BFT & JTRS
  • Jammers & Electronic Countermeasures-CREW
  • Fly-Away Kits
  • AEGIS (shipboard phased array radar – series 1 & 2)
  • Combat Craft
  • Hayabusa (MUSES-C)
  • Thuraya
  • STP Satellite 5

Company Overview

MegaPhase designs, manufactures and markets high performance RF coaxial cables and connectors to OEMs building advanced microwave and optical electronic systems, such as test instrumentation, defense electronics, homeland defense, satellites, broadband data and communications systems. MegaPhase’s core product is its industry-leading GrooveTube® technology, a unique cable design used in high reliability applications including test & measurement systems. MegaPhase has over 500 active customers in 30 countries, including the biggest names in electronic technology, as well as the US Government and its allies.

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Steve Moormann VMA manufacturers rep


Field Engineer

Steve originally hails from Chicago and has maintained his strong Midwest values while enjoying the ‘good life’ in the great southwest.  Graduating from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, he started his career in sunny Tucson, AZ and has enjoyed over 30 years in Signal Conditioning and Data Acquisition Systems, in the Industrial Electronics industry.  His varied experience extends from being a Lab Manager to key roles in Technical Sales and International Sales Management. You will likely find Steve on the road visiting customers, friends and family, or watch for him cycling, skiing and exploring both near and far. 

Steve joined VMA in 2020 and is located in our Albuquerque New Mexico office. 

Brandi Fruge VMA VMA manufacturers rep

Brandi Fruge

Inside Sales Engineer

Office Phone: 720-822-4119
Email: [email protected]

Brandi grew up in Katy, Texas.  She graduated from Colorado School of Mines with her Mechanical Engineering Degree in 2015. She previously worked for Schlumberger as a field engineer on frac locations across Texas, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and more. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, snowboarding, binge watching Netflix and spending time with her dog, Duke. Brandi is located in our Colorado office.

Tracy Grossman VMA Technical Engineer


Field Engineer

Tracy was raised in Arizona and served in the USAF as an Electronic Warfare Technician, completing an Electrical Engineering Technology Journeyman degree from Community College of the Air Force. After the Air Force he worked as a technician before getting his Bachelors in Computer Information Systems at the University of Phoenix. Tracy worked as a Computer Systems Engineering consultant before joining Orbital Sciences (now Northrop Grumman) in 2002, where he worked as an Electrical Engineer for 15 years designing and deploying systems to test and launch rockets. Tracy specialized in Telemetry Ground Systems for several years before becoming the Lead Electrical Engineer on the Antares Ground system design team. After Orbital, he worked as an Embedded Systems Sales Engineer, helping customers find the best solutions to solve complicated design requirements. Starting July 2019, Tracy is on Team VMA as a Field Engineer to continue building relationships and helping engineers find innovative solutions for high-reliability applications. Outside of the office he enjoys spending time with his wife and adult children and his hobbies include Trucks, Hiking, Camping, Hunting, Scuba diving, Motorcycling and church. Tracy is located in our Arizona office.


Field Engineer

Keenan was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Graduated from the University of Denver with his Electrical Engineering Degree with a Specification in Mechatronic Systems. With the need to problem solve and the love to work with people, Keenan has worked in technical sales for the manufacturing, construction, and security industries. From going outside to hike, snowboard, golf, run, or grill to staying inside to cook, read, or simply relax by sitting down to watch a good movie, Keenan loves to spend as much time as possible with his friends and family. Keenan is located in our Colorado office.


Field Engineer

Christie Whitehead Is married and has raised 3 beautiful children, one girl and 2 boys. Her passions are children, education, technology and volunteering. She helped open a Charter school from the ground up in 2000 that is now a top 100 school in the nation year after year. Christie has her bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering Technology. She has been in many technology engineering positions and thrives on solving problems. She strives to always add value, have patience and care for others. She loves technology and complexity of the things people are designing. She loves to get into the lab, sharing experiences and knowledge that may help her customers.

Sierra Bishop VMA Staff


Inside Sales

Office Phone: 303-730-7313
Email: [email protected]

Sierra has been with VMA for 4 years.  She previously worked in law enforcement/emergency dispatching for over 9 years.  She is currently going back to school get a bachelors degree in Art and Graphic Design.  She loves travelling and enjoys doing anything ‘artsy’, but especially loves watercolor and oil painting.  When she can she likes to catch a good live theater show. Sierra is located in our Colorado office.

Kristin Hall VMA Staff


Sales Administration

Kristin has been a part of the Vic Myers Associates team for five years now. Prior to her position as Inside Sales and Administration, she worked in the Construction Industry as a Project Manager. Needless to say, she has learned a lot here at VMA, and enjoys being a part of this company. In her free time, she values singing at church, card-making, and spending time with her husband and family. Kristin is located in our Colorado office.

Ron Garcia VMA Engineer


Inside Sales Engineer

Office Phone: 505-884-6878
Email: [email protected]

Ron has worn several hats at VMA over the past twenty years, including inside sales, IT guru, webmaster and application engineer. As a recent empty-nester, Ron and his wife are spending more time on the road, exploring the Southwest. He is an avid sci-fi enthusiast, enjoys playing guitar and listening to jazz. Ron is located in our New Mexico office.

Jim Barnett VMA Staff


Inside Sales Engineer

Office Phone: 480-345-6449
Email: [email protected]

Jim was born in Michigan but has lived in Arizona longer than most natives. He graduated from Arizona State University with a B.S. in Computer Information Systems and holds certifications in Network Administration and Network Security. Jim originally joined Vic Myers Associates in 1991 and has held a variety of positions. Among his interests are hiking, travel, and most things vintage including cars, music, architecture, and artifacts. Jim is located in our Arizona office.

Mark Myers VMA Technical Engineer


Field Engineer, Legend

There a few experiences in my life which I consider invaluable. They include earning my Boy Scout Eagle rank with considerable help and inspiration from my father, serving in the United States Submarine Service during the Viet Nam war, earning a black belt in a mixed style martial arts (it took me 25 years), completing a masters degree (16  years),  becoming a lifelong learner, being engaged in my faith, and ending up with some really good friends.  Professionally, I love being a helper, an ally, a facilitator, a problem solver and someone who is passionate about wanting my friends, my customers and my colleagues to be successful.  Life can be hard, life can be unfair and life can be extraordinary, all at the same time. Mark is located in our Arizona office.

Carlton Davenport VMA Staff


Managing Partner

Office Phone: 505-884-6878
Email: [email protected]

Carlton has traveled and lived all over the U.S. but chose Albuquerque as his home. Carlton and Nancy have raised 3 daughters, grown up and making their own lives now. He joined VMA in 1991 and is responsible for the day-to-day business side, supporting our sales efforts, doing whatever it takes.

Bob Bishop VMA staff


Managing Partner

Bob was raised in Minnesota. Graduated from Minneapolis Technical College with an A&P license. He worked at Rosemount Inc. for a few years and moved to California where he met his wife and gained valuable experience having sold to the test ranges, military bases, and contractors. Bob has been in Colorado serving the same customers for over 30 years. He enjoys muscle cars, travelling, golf and singing in a community choir. Bob is located in our Colorado office.

Ryan Christian VMA Staff


Managing Partner

Ryan was raised in Mesa, Arizona, attended Gilbert schools and graduated from ASU in 2006 with a Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Studies. He went on to complete his MBA at the University of Phoenix Campus in Mesa. Prior to VMA, Ryan worked 5 years as a consumer sales consultant and then 5 years as Analyst at Orbital Sciences, now Northrop Grumman.   Outside of the office, Ryan loves to spend time with his wife, 10yr old daughter and twin 5 year old boys. Ryan loves to get outdoors to hunt & fish as often as possible, serves frequently with kids and adults at church and enjoys quality BBQ time with his friends and family. Ryan is located in our Arizona office.

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