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ITEA’s 23rd Test Instrumentation Workshop

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May 14 – May 16, 2019
Venue: The Tuscany Suites and Conference Center
255 E. Flamingo Road Las Vegas, NV 89169 United States
Phone: 702-893-8933

Hosted by the ITEA Southern Nevada and Antelope Valley Chapter

This workshop focuses on the use of test instrumentation and resulting data. From the sensor to the shooter, to the display in the control room, and finally the plot in the test report, we all use instrumentation.

Future Test and Evaluation will take place with limited resources on both sides—the equipment and the people who use it. With the ever-increasing complexity of test articles and decreasing schedules and budgets, T&E organizations have begun searching for new ways to instrument, test, and evaluate aeronautical systems. Facing shortages in equipment, capabilities, and personnel, today’s T&E leaders must unleash their people to innovate to plan, provision, and conduct missions safety and effectively.

Our goal is to identify and address those instrumentation and data issues and challenges faced by the flight test community. Please join us at the 2019 ITEA Test Instrumentation Workshop to share your experiences, lessons learned, and solutions to the problems we face in today’s constrained test and evaluation environments.

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