Sensors & Calibration

Pressure, Sound, Vibration, Flow, Force, Torque

Bruel & Kjaer

Sound and Vibration Instrumentation: Analyzers, Calibrators, Noise Dose Meters, Sound-Level Meters, Shakers, Controllers, Transducers and Conditioning; LDS Vibration Test Systems, Vibration Control Systems, Photon+ Analyzers


Flow Technology

Fluid & Gas Flow Instrumentation & Calibrators: Turbine, Electromagnetic, Positive Displacement & Ultrasonic Flow Meters


GE Druck

Pressure Transducers, Transmitters, Calibrators & Controllers; Portable Pressure, Temperature & Electric Calibrators


Hawk Measurement Systems

Level Measurement, Positioning & Flow Instrumentation: Continuous Level Transmitters, Point Level Switches, Machinery Positioning & Anti-Collision Systems, Sonar Bed Level Systems, Non-Contact & Fluidic Flow Measurement