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Configurable Photonic SATCOM and IFL Solutions

MPS’s comprehensive product offering of microwave photonic solutions that exhibit RF bandwidths from DC to V Band. Mitigate the loss, RF slope and distance limitations of copper-based solutions. The MPS SATCOM/IFL product line leverages MPS’s field proven optical packaging methodologies, proprietary control software, and RF / Photonic integration techniques.

High Performance Fiber Optic Transport Solutions Enable Satellite and Interfacility Communications

MPS Fiber Optic Transport Solutions

The MP-1914 and MP-1911 modular fiber optic transmission systems are designed to provide bi-directional fiber optic transport of digital, baseband, IF, L, S, C, X KU, K, Ka, Q and V band signals over standard single mode or multi-mode optical cable.

These fiber optic systems mitigate the loss, RF slope and distance limitations of copper based solutions. Fiber optic transport systems are maintenance free and inherently insensitive to environmental and EMI/EMC variations.

The MP-1914 and MP-1911 chassis can be supplied in rack mount, table-top and in hardened outdoor enclosures depending on the environmental conditions. The application modules can be comprised of any combination of fiber optic transmitters, fiber optic receivers, optical amplifiers, optical diversity switches, DWDM filters, optical couplers, optical splitters, as well as active and passive RF interface components. All application modules are available in 1911, 1914 chassis packages or flanged mount enclosures to suit every system need.

All MPS application modules feature advanced Built-In-Test (BIT) diagnostic capabilities which also provides local and remote status and control of critical parameters. This monitor and control information is available via a local serial RS-232 bus or via a 10/100/1000 Ethernet network. SNMP functionality is also available.

The field proven, MP-1914 and MP-1911 photonic link products represent the industry standard in performance and economy for today’s and tomorrow’s optical transport system needs.

MP-1911 and MP-1914 Multi-Channel Fiber Optic Transport Platforms

All Microwave Photonic Systems fiber optic application modules are compatible with the MPS-1911 and 1914 Multi-Channel, Fiber Optic Transmission chassis platforms. The MPS-1914 platform chassis is a 19”, 4U, chassis that will accept up to 15, hot swappable, application modules. The MPS-1911 platform chassis is a 19”, 1RU chassis that will accept up to 6, hot swappable, application modules.

MP-1911 & MP-1914 Fiber Optic Transport Platform

These two platforms can support any combination of MPS application modules and will support the use of one or two universal input power supplies that are capable of powering any combination of application modules. These chassis systems also provide all necessary air convection cooling for the application modules.

A unique feature of the 1914 chassis is the overhead cable plenum that provides a sheltered cable path for routing and interfacing to the main fiber optic trunk. In many instances, this feature can eliminate the need for a dedicated 1RU patch panel as well as allowing flexibility for front or rear connectivity.

MP-2320 3.5 GHz Wide-band Fiber Optic Links

MPS wide band fiber optic links

The MP-2320 Photonic Links are a comprehensive family of RF/Fiber Optic Transmitters and Receivers that are designed to provide electrical-to-optical (E/O)and optical-to-electrical (O/E) conversion of broadband RF signals over a frequency range of 1.0 MHz to 3500 MHz.

The transmitter and receiver families can be optimized over unique frequency ranges in needed. Further system optimization can be achieved by using the integrated RF attenuators which have in excess of a 30 dB adjustment range.

The transmitter utilizes a low noise, high dynamic range Distributed Feedback (DFB) laser with integrated temperature stability control. The receiver utilizes a high speed, low distortion PIN photodiode detector that is integrated with a broadband RF post amplifier. These system designs can support fiber lengths of over 80 km.

MP-6000 20 GHz Ultra Wide-band Fiber Optic Links

MP-6000 ultra wide band fiber optic links

The MP-6000 series photonic links are designed for antenna remoting and broadband RF transmission applications using single mode fiber optic cable and are an excellent choice for your ultra-wide band applications that require support of RF frequencies up to 20 GHz. Their industry leading performance levels provide low noise and high dynamic range operation in applications with fiber lengths exceeding 50 km.

The transmitter uses a high efficiency Distributed Feedback (DFB) laser diode, with an operating wavelength of 1310 nm or 1550 nm, that provides low noise and high dynamic range operation. The receiver utilizes a high-speed, low distortion PIN photodiode detector that provides optical to RF conversion from 500 MHz to 20 GHz performance.

MP-6000 ultra wide band fiber optic links

Both modules are microprocessor controlled and provide embedded status monitoring of all critical parameters.

MP-8000 High Performance 65 GHz Fiber Optic Links

The MP-8000-TX RF/Fiber Optic Transmitter modules, in conjunction with the appropriate MP-8000-RX RF/Fiber Optic Receivers, are designed to support the transmission of broadband RF signals over a frequency range of 10 MHz to 65 GHz and are capable of supporting a wide array of scientific and communication applications.

MP-8000 ultra wide band fiber optic links

The transmitter utilizes high efficiency Mach-Zehnder Lithium Niobate (LiNbO3) electro-optic modulators, coupled with a high power, low RIN, DFB laser diodes centered at 1550 nm. Use of a X or Z-cut modulators enables the customization of the optical link properties to optimize the performance / cost equation.

MP-8000 ultra wide band fiber optic links

The MP-8000-RX RF fiber optic receivers incorporate a highspeed, low distortion PIN photodiode detector that assures low noise and high dynamic range link performance over varying frequency, temperature, and optical loss budgets.

MP-1000 High performance Bi-Directional Transceiver Links

The MP-1000 series transceivers provides a highly agile solution for system engineers and network managers to rethink classical bi-directional radio deployment architectures as well as future wireless topologies. The MP-1000 family of products are highly configurable and supports serial, baseband, RF, microwave and digital signal formats for plug-and-play, bi-directional channel implementations. The MP-1000 transceivers can support bandwidths to 10 GHz / 10 Gbs.

MP-1000 Bi-Directional Transceiver Links
MP-1000 Bi-Directional Transceiver Links

MP-2325 Precision Time and Time Interval Fiber Optic Link

MP-2325 time Interval Fiber Optic Link

The MP-2325 modules are designed to transport critical network timing and reference signals over single mode fiber. They can be specified to support multiple formats such as, modulated IRIG Time Code, Un-modulated IRIG Time Code, Precision 1PPS, and 10 MHz Reference Signals.

They feature low phase noise, low jitter and high dynamic ranges and all outputs can be user level adjusted.

MP-EDFA-GF Gain Flattened Erbium Doped Optical Amplifier – EDFA

The MP-EDFA-G family of optical amplifiers are ideal for applications requiring optical amplification such as extending the distance of optical fiber links. They can also be deployed as an optical receiver pre-amplifier to improve a system’s spur-free-dynamic-range and link gain.

MP-EDFA-GF Gain Flattened erbium Doped Optical Amplifier

These EDFAs were specifically designed to support analog microwave photonic links and exhibit very low noise figures regardless of the applied optical input level. They are available with integrated voltage controlled optical attenuators (VOA) to control their output levels without NF performance degradation.

MP-OP Active and Passive Optical Support Modules

MP-OP-Active and Passive Optical Support Modules

Microwave Photonic Systems produces a wide array of active and passive optical modules to fully service system designer needs. Optical switches, splitter / combiners, taps and switches are all available as standa- lone modules or in MP-1914 and MP-1911 platform outlines.

Optical switch configurations support NxN topologies and are used for redundancy or network management control. Optical splitters and taps can be utilized for network monitoring or to route optical signals to multiple destinations. Optical Multiplexing/ Demultiplexing modules enable multiple photonic link channels to operate on a single optical fiber using standard CWDM or DWDM techniques.

MP-RF Active and Passive Electrical Support Modules

MP-RF Active and Passive Electrical Support Modules
MP-RF Active and Passive Electrical Support Modules

The MP-RF series of electrical support application modules include devices such as RF amplifiers, RF switches, RF taps, and RF splitter / combiners. These passive and active products support frequencies from DC to 40 GHz in narrowband and wide-band versions. Many RF amplifier modules feature active Automatic Gain Control (AGC) systems that can be used to compensate for temperature and environmental system variations.

Modules also include LNB power supplies that feature programmable output voltages and current limiting settings for powering low noise block converters.

MPS Communication Suite

MPS Communication Suite

All MPS application modules can be monitored and controlled via the MPS communication suite application software package, regardless of the style of the application module. The MPS communication suite can interface with stand-a-lone flange mount modules via a local serial interface and MP-1911, MP-1914 packaged modules via standard 10/100/1000 Ethernet networks.

All critical module parameters and controls are assessable via the user friendly GUI. SNMP control of the system is available and can be customized for customer specific protocols. The MPS communication suite provides a convenient, secure, network management option for complex networks.

MPS Communication Suite

Custom Application Module Development

One of Microwave Photonic Systems core competencies is it’s ability to design, develop and manufacture custom hardware and systems solutions on extremely aggressive program schedules. We have leveraged our advanced technologies across all of our product portfolios and have produced hundreds of unique designs. We routinely design and manufacture these custom modules within standard product procurement times.

In fact at MPS we say, “Custom IS Standard”

Microwave Photonic Systems’ broad technical knowledge of SATCOM and IFL systems provides our customers with access to advanced technologies and products that addresses almost any photonic link need.

About Microwave Photonic Systems

A leading edge engineering firm that specializes in the design, development and manufacture of RF/Fiber optic components, modules, and subsystems. Microwave Photonic Systems fulfills multiple roles providing these hardware items including OEM supplier, design consultant, and contract manufacturer. MPS has been providing proprietary technology solutions to military agencies, defense contractors, research facilities, and commercial customers since 1997.

MPS has provided RF/Fiber optic subsystems, modules, components, and embedded software that have supported various Air Force, Army, and Navy mission-critical programs. Our products are currently in service with many DoD programs including the Towed Sonar Array, UHF SATCOM Ground Station, Shipboard GPS Antenna Link and the Shipboard Fiber Optic Data and Multiplexing System (FODMS).


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